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Wanting to try before you buy?

The Atlas Equine Cranial Massager was created by Aotearoa/New Zealand mum, Ellie O'Brien, out of a desperate need for a pony who required massage often for tension in his poll and tmj. With a newborn in tow, it just wasn't possible...so the Atlas was born! What a lifesaver it has been for both horse and owner!
Using vibration therapy, it works to release tension, increase blood flow, and relax the horse. The Atlas/Poll, TMJ, and Hyoid are common problem areas in many horses and have a huge impact on the rest of the body, not to mention the mind.
With comments from those more knowledgable than us, we've been told the vibration and humming near the Vagus nerve aids in the nervous system regulating - makes sense with all the big releases that happen and horses dozing off!

Tension in these areas can show up as headaches and spooking, heavy in the hand and resistant to the bit, unbalanced and poor proprioception. 

Simply place ergonomic massager behind the horses' ears and attach to the halter points for up to 15 minutes before or after you ride or even on those days off.

Details of hire/trial 

Decided you want to buy?
We'll send you an email with a link to purchase less the amount of hire cost.
If you've decided it's not for you, simply pop it in the post back to us. 

Length of hire - 14 days from date received, after which the Atlas MUST be returned in the same condition it was received in. Non return will be treated as theft. 

Before use, make sure you watch the short how to video to ensure you set your horse up for success and see the most benefit from your Atlas.

Damage - Any damage occurred to the Atlas is at the cost of the person hiring and should be reported ASAP.