Frequently Asked Questions about the Atlas Equine Cranial Massager

How long do I leave it on for?

As with most vibrational therapies, up to about 15 minutes is generally enough. 
However it is highly recommended that users read their individual horses as to when they have had it on for long enough. 
You may chose to simply put it on the horse, or you can go deeper and use it in a conversation of body work - please refer to Atlas Equine YouTube for videos on how to achieve this.  

How do I recharge it?

Simply unzip the cover and pull back the top to uncover the battery box. Use a small screw driver to unfasten the waterproof box and replace with 3x AA batteries. 

How long does it last before needing to recharge?

It depends on usage. If you are only using for one or two horses it will last up to one month. If you are using it with a larger team of horses or part of commercial body work it may be 5-7 days.

When should I use it?

It can be used before or after rides, or on days off. We love, and have great feedback on using the Atlas before you ride for the relaxing effect on the mind and body. Using the Atlas after your ride can aid in relaxation and recovery - your horse will let you know when to use it! 

How do I introduce it to a sensitive horse?

Introducing the Atlas to a sensitive horse or one that has had trauma should be done in a slow and mindful process. We will start with the atlas further down the neck, slowly working our way up. For some horses this may be in one session, and others over multiple sessions. For very sensitive horses we may even start out at a distance not even touching the horse. Remember that this will all still be helping release tension and trauma in that Atlas area.