"Hi, just to message and let you know this is a horse I was doing bodywork on the other day with the Atlas Equine Massager. Worked a treat, so many releases in this and other horses I have worked on. I would highly recommend this product."

Paul Keeber - All Over Equine

"Hey Ellie,
Just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that I just love the equine atlas massager! My older horse (20 this year) showed such improvement in his work after using the massager for 10 minutes before jumping on. His flexion and acceptance of the contact was much improved! I have and will keep recommending it for my clients with horses with sore polls as I think this is a wonderful tool for these horses!!
Thanks so much for designing such a fabulous machine!"

Dr Ann Maastricht - Veterinarian, Animal Chiropractor, Vetinary Acupuncture, and horse trainer.

I have a herd of misfit horses from a head-shy ex racehorse, to an in work dressage horse who all love their Atlas time. I have noticed a much softer head and neck in my ridden work, with a better contact, and a decrease in anxiety and muscle tension from my tightly wound little mare. My filly even loves having a go!

I can’t recommend the Atlas Equine Cranial Massager enough - it’s seriously a game changer!

Hannah O'Brien - Han. Photography


With vibrational therapy below 50Hz, the Atlas helps to release tension in contracted muscles and increase blood circulation, focusing on the Poll, Hyoid and TMJ.


The Atlas helps to 'turn off' the sympathetic nervous system and 'turn on' the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety in the mind and body.


As the body is massaged, blood and lymph circulation is increased moving vital nutrients and oxygen throughout the body to organs and muscles.

Just as Atlas, of Greek mythology, supported the Globe on his Shoulders - the Atlas bone connects the skull and the spine and therefore, the rest of the body.

If we do not take care of this, how can we expect the horse to be the magnificent athlete he is?!